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[The image is posted on the Network without comment, but it may not be unfamiliar to some. For the past week or so, posters like the following have been popping up here and there; big stacks of flyers on the counters of obliging cafes and shops, and a positively enormous banner hung in the window of the Bilton & Scaggs bookstore.]

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Neil Perry
Well, I'm sure by this point everyone who's not involved is tired of hearing about it-- but, I wanted to make sure everyone knows we'll be starting rehearsals properly next week. If possible-- that is, if the people who live there don't mind-- I'd like to hold them in the Opera House, but if that doesn't work... Well, we'll figure something out. It's always tricky to get everyone together at once, especially the first couple of times.

Right now I'd like to aim to have the show in May, but I think it'd be best to see how well we work together, and whether there's anything we haven't counted on.

Maybe next month, when we're a little more used to it, I'll have time to talk about anything else.

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Neil Perry
06 March 2012 @ 11:09 pm
It's been about a week now, since the City came back together... and it really does seem like things are back to normal. I was afraid the bookstore would be ruined-- that the shelves might have cracked when they were all made of glass-- but it doesn't look like there was much damage.

I'm hoping that things will stay normal-- normal for the City, I mean-- for a while, so we can get back on track with the play! With everything falling apart and turning to sand, and then... well, of course we didn't get very far.

So, I'm happy to say we'll be holding another set of auditions for Like Clockwork this Friday-- anyone who couldn't make it the first time, please, come join us now! We still have plenty of roles to fill, and for anyone who's nervous about being on-stage, there's a lot to do behind the scenes, too!

We'll see you there.

[ooc; info post on the play is here, and the previous IC post about it is here~ We still need 2 male leads and 2 female leads. Tags when I get home, mostly. <3 TL;DR post coming this evening with more logistics!]

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Neil Perry
There was sand spilling onto the living room carpet this morning-- I thought, at first, that the bottle of sand on my bookcase must have broken but it wasn't. I guess, since other people are having the same problem it must be a curse. I'm glad-- not that people have sand everywhere, I mean, just that it isn't anything but a curse.

So, as I mentioned over the weekend-- though, unfortunately, I think most of the volunteers we had then haven't stayed-- we're finally ready to begin casting for the next play! It's called Like Clockwork-- Though I am supposed to tell you that's a working title, it might change if we can think of something better.

If you're interested in being involved-- as cast or backstage crew-- please let me know! We'll hold the first set of auditions this week, and once all the roles are filled, we'll start scheduling rehearsals. It doesn't matter if you've had experience before, or if this will be your first play-- everyone's welcome to join us!

Just let me know! And if you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them.

[ooc; as always I want to get as many people as possible involved, so please feel free to throw everyone at this! Like Clockwork is a play written by our very own Todd-mun, which means the cast size is very flexible~ we do have at least three female characters and two male characters in need of casting, buuuut should be able to accommodate any number of people beyond that! ^_^

Will eventually make OOC posts for organization! a-also please pretend this was earlier scream]

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Neil Perry
31 January 2012 @ 06:29 pm
Like Clockwork
by Todd Anderson


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