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[ooc; All types of contact encouraged & welcomed, just lemme know what's up in the subject line ♥ For reference, previous post is archived here.]
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[ Ring ring! ]
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Hi -- Neil, right?

This is Arthur. I talked to you a month ago - give or take. You mentioned you run a bookstore.

Was wondering if you were looking for any help. [ Pause. ] Assuming the zombies and blizzards stay down at some point.
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[ He listens, waits, head tilting and half nodding to himself. He's been looking for something else -- or had been, and after the threatening hypothermia wore off he'd intended to call Neil anyway but then zombies. So it's been a bit longer than he meant it to be. He's relieved he remembers. ]

Great. Whenever you do decide to re-open, I can come in. I don't expect anyone to take on help here without a trial first, so...whatever works for you, basically.

[ What with the unusual number of crazy factors, he figures every establishment - especially a small one - likes to make sure the employees aren't some kind of internal threat.

Granted, in a City where vampires have relatively reliable business, maybe he's being overly cautious/courteous.
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Give me a call then - or a text, whichever's more convenient.

And stay safe. Snowstorm aside, never know what's up next.

[ Little to no sense of self preservation at times, Arthur has been out more than most people probably, but even so it's been restricted. Stir-craziness likely still applies. ]
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[The day after Todd's brush with the dark energy that took hold of a handful of the City's residents, he woke to a brutal reality. He was alone in bed, Neil was gone, and the events of the previous day, which had seemed like some kind of terrible dream in his first moments of waking, came rushing back to him.

He hadn't exactly been his quiet but kind self to anyone, but Neil...

He doesn't hop in the shower, doesn't grab anything to eat, just gets dressed - wearing, for once, a certain item of jewelry he got on Christmas morning - and goes straight out the door. He's not sure of where he'll find Neil, but his first instinct is to go to the book store... so, terrified, miserable, and desperate, he does.]
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[The lights, the inner door cracked... clearly, Neil is here. Todd had very little presence of mind this morning - he's lucky he even thought to grab his coat as he ran, though it's still not closed. He's a little hesitant to actually knock, as desperate as he is to fix everything. So for a moment, he stands there, trembling more from terror than the cold.

Finally, he pushes himself, and he knocks. And somehow, he manages not to run immediately after doing so. There's a terrible, heavy pit in his stomach, making him feel like he's going to be sick.]
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[That hurts, but he knows it's fair - he's earned worse than that. He can't meet Neil's eyes, either - and he gives up on it, staring at the ground instead. It's probably for the best, since he's not sure he can keep himself from crying again.]


[He swallows hard, falling quiet and searching for the rest of his words.]

I wasn't really me, yesterday. I didn't-- I never would have said any of that to you, and... I don't-- I'm not sure what happened, but I didn't mean it. Any of it.

[Well, that's it. He gives up as he feels his eyes starting to water, and hesitantly brings his gaze upward, though he still can't make eye contact.]

I'm sorry.
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[Now he is crying, and he can't stay entirely quiet and meek - it echoes another moment, one Neil had obviously never seen, when he was desperately shouting at Cameron. There's too much of a burst of emotion for him to hold it back at all.]

I know-- I know there wasn't a curse, but curses aren't the only thing that ever go wrong in the City. You know that--

[Choking back a sob, he stutters.]

You know that, Neil, and... [Now he does pull himself back a bit, keeping from yelling] You know I love you. How could you think I would ever say any of that?
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[All the relief in that moment spills over and, even though he stops sobbing, Todd's still crying when he latches desperately onto Neil, burying his face against him. Hopefully Neil won't mind that - or the wrinkles in his shirt, because Todd's got it held tight in a fist as he speaks, muffled by the other boy's chest.]

I love you.

[So he's repeating himself. It's really important.]
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[Todd couldn't care less who sees them, at the moment - he's not thinking beyond the two of them at all. The rest of the City may as well not be there, for all the consideration he's sparing it.

So it takes him a moment to even realize that he's being tugged. He does move with it, when he realizes, starting to compose himself a bit. Not that he loosens his grip much.]
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[Fingers still grasping at the fabric of Neil's shirt, Todd becomes aware of what's going on with the other boy's head - and lifts his own face to help their lips meet, even as they make their awkward way towards the back.

He isn't crying anymore, at least, even if his face is still a bit streaked from it.]
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[He's a little surprised, because he's still amazed that everything isn't over and ruined forever. That's how it had felt, when he woke up and it struck him what had happened. But, he does try to pull back a little, to make it a bit easier. Even if he is a little sheepish when he does so, always a little embarrassed to be so open with his emotions.]

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[Todd's quick to shake his head. He's certainly not about to leave Neil - he's not even about to let go, except as much as he'll need to, to shrug the coat off.]

No... no, it's not that--

[He actually laughs, some of the nervous energy dispelling.]

I thought... I thought I ruined everything.
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[In that moment, he's unbelievably happy that he grabbed it in his rush out of the house. It was a swift act of desperation, holding onto that bit of Neil, that symbol of them - though, as a symbol, it also serves to illustrate that he means his words.]

I love you.

[Taking his hand for a moment, he shrugs out of his coat, letting it fall as he goes back to clutching Neil, kissing him as he does.]
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[Under the circumstances, Todd has no objections to Neil's insistence - he's too relieved, and he's entirely too happy for every touch - to be grabbed, clutched, kissed. He was far too afraid of losing all this to be anything but overjoyed. So he presses back against Neil, kissing him back passionately as he grabs at his shoulders.]
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[It certainly might be, and neither of them would take note of it. Todd didn't notice that Neil didn't lock the door - he didn't notice anything about the door once he'd gotten past it. His shirt is fair game, and his hands are working their way under Neil's at the same time. Awkward, but insistent and burning with necessity.

If he was thinking, it might strike him as ridiculous, that this is their immediate response. But it makes perfect sense in the moment - he'd been convinced that he'd never feel any of this again, so of course now he needs it, to feel Neil against him, to be assured that it's real and tangible and that they're still... them. That the weight of the ring on his finger still carries meaning.]
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[There are small noises, quiet by any measure, that Todd makes involuntarily with each kiss of Neil's. Each varies, but they fall somewhere between nervous giggles and mostly suppressed moans. He's not nearly embarrassed enough by them - there's too much nervous energy being released in this.

Shirts out of the way through some miracle, certainly testament to the determination of young male hormones, his hands shift their locale to the hem of the other boy's pants - not quite pulling at it yet, he's content to let his fingers fall below it as he presses his palms against the small of Neil's back. Pressing himself against Neil, he brings their mouths together again, and for a moment, he simply relishes in that. The kiss, their chests pressed together, both of their hearts beating. This shared warmth, this impossible life - it's what he had feared losing most. Of course, it's also what makes them so difficult to break.]
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[Todd certainly isn't eager to put much breathing room between them, either, still wrapped up in relishing this closeness.

Their limbs tangled, his fingers still clutching at the base of Neil's back, he presses his lips against collarbone. Certainly, the pants are going to have to go soon, but he's loathe to let go.]
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[It does make Todd squeak, his neck arching backward with the startled noise. The sound is cut off after half a moment with a gasp and a self-conscious laugh. As far as they've come, his own involuntary noises still seem to fluster him more than anything else. Even as he arches his back slightly away to open the space between them, he brings his head back down, pressing it again into the curve of Neil's neck.]
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[That does elicit another involuntary and indignant noise out of Todd, which pretty much immediately falls into laughter again, muffled against Neil's neck.

Meanwhile, his own hands are moving around to the front of Neil's waistband, though even he's not sure if he's going to work on getting them off or if he's just going to try to repay the favor on those noises. Right now, they're just grabbing.]
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[Well, Neil's pressing into his grasp certainly cinches that his first order of business is to inspire a few noises on the other boy's part - though, of course, he's still a bit noisy himself, a rather vocal gasp of his breath at that pressure against his collarbone.

There may be a renewed sense of urgency behind his movements as his fingers regain purpose, shifting slightly to see to the problem of the pants they seem to still be wearing.

He's already bright red, just self-conscious enough to be embarrassed, even if he's not quite aware enough for coherent thought. That's only likely to get worse.]
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[Forget likely, he just got a lot redder. Not enough so that he'd be discouraged, though, as he keeps right on at the business of helping Neil achieve the goal of his wriggling.

Even as he does it he laughs, just a bit - and responds to Neil's objections with grasping fingers, his lips finding purchase on every bit of Neil's chest, shoulder, and neck they can manage.]
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[It may not be a race, but there is certainly a sense of building urgency to it, Todd assisting Neil's endeavor in any way he can, writhing out of his own pants even as his hands grasp at the other boy. This does necessitate a certain space between their bodies, space which he closes at the chest, still working his mouth along the curves of Neil's musculature. It's entirely ludicrous and undignified, an obvious realization which does not come even remotely close to entering Todd's mind.]