Neil Perry
[The recording kicks off with some swift, shallow breaths, and a distant dry rumble-- the sound of dirt settling as it pours through a now-open door.]

I-I'm not sure where this goes. But I guess this is the only way out there is, so.

[Neil pauses. Given what he's heard-- what Cain said-- it's hard to be convinced that this pile of earth leads anywhere he wants to go. It's ironic; he's in the room where he died, facing what might be a grave, and though he ought to be dead he isn't. If he doesn't make it--

He takes a deep breath.]

I'll... try. I hope I see you all soon.


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Neil Perry

I didn't mean to go through. I was only trying to see if I could find Anne, and while I was looking in it's like it moved to swallow me up and.

[There's a pause here as Neil tries to collect himself. He's managing not to sniffle, but not even trying to hide how distraught he is.]

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I didn't know I'd fall through.

I want to come back. Please. I don't want to be here.