Neil Perry
03 November 2010 @ 08:29 am
Well... it looks like today's clear, so... Let's do the dress-rehearsal tonight, everyone? If that's all right... I know it's a little sudden, but with the curses...

And, as long as there isn't a curse... The performance of The Importance of Being Earnest will be this Friday, at seven p.m.!

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Neil Perry

[After a long pause, sounding rather tired...]

...We'll have to recast Lady Bracknell.


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Neil Perry
I don't know what's coming, or really what to expect, but I think everyone's right in what they've said-- that it's better to try and be prepared, even if you end up not needing to be, than not.

So, for the next few days at least all rehearsals we've scheduled are canceled-- if you still want to meet to work on lines, that's fine, but I don't want people having to make the choice between that and getting ready for the storm, whatever that might be.


Well, good luck I suppose.

[ooc; a side note AFAIK we don't have a player character for Merriman, yet, so feel free to hit up the play post or me on AIM or something if you're interested ;D otherwise I'm going to assume it's NPC'd <3 Will try not to be too sporadic on tags, sobbb.]
Neil Perry
Curses like the long one last month are always interesting-- like playing a role written just for me, being someone I'm not but who I might have been. I didn't really mind this one-- I know sometimes those get bad, for some people, but well, school is just school, how bad can it be?

It was strange, though; imagining things were so different than they are. What life would be like if I'd had a twin brother, if I'd been at a different school, if... well. Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about is what I did, because everyone knows what happens during curses isn't always real, this is important to me and I think I'd rather give up the secret than have people think it didn't mean anything. Sometimes secrets are meant to be shared.

There is a Dead Poets Society.

I almost wrote there was, but really I think because of the nature of the Society, it can't really cease to exist. Not all the Dead Poets are dead, but the poets who are dead are still Dead Poets. Here, especially; I mean, there's no reason to think Henry David Thoreau couldn't walk into the bookstore tomorrow afternoon. So even if there weren't any meetings after... everything happened, at home, there'd still be a Society; and maybe someday someone will share the secret again like Mr. Keating did with us. And even if they don't, even if no one ever talks about it again... it's just a name and a structure to something that's always been there. There will always be Poets, because the human race will always be filled with passion. And so, there will be members, even if they don't know the words for it.

I'm not sure this makes any sense, to anyone who wasn't there. But I wanted to say it.

Some of you are Dead Poets, and some of you don't know that you are. But I hope you're all making the most of it, whoever you might be.


I need one more actor from you, City! Our cast for The Importance of Being Earnest is just one person short of being full-- but right now, we've no one playing Merriman. So, if there's anyone who'd like to try their hand at acting, we'd love to have you. Even if you've never been in a play before! We're happy to have newcomers.

And... Everyone else in the play-- we'll have to start full rehearsals soon, what days work best for you? I do hope you've started working on your lines?

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Neil Perry

John Worthing, J.P.
        ☞ Neil Perry
Algernon Moncrieff
        ☞ Cain Hargreaves
Rev. Canon Chasuble, D.D.
        ☞ Alester Siddons
Merriman, Butler

Lane, Manservant
        ☞ Justin Pendleton
Lady Bracknell

Hon. Gwendolen Fairfax
        ☞ Rosella
Cecily Cardew
        ☞ Jo Harvelle
Miss Prism, Governess
        ☞ Euphemia li Britannia


        ☞ Xander Harris
        ☞ Cinna
        ☞ Billy Kaplan
        ☞ Anthony Rutherford


The Importance of Being Earnest - Script
Neil Perry
[Slipped between the pages of Todd's current poetry notebook]

I almost wonder if it's too soon, after everything last month... if that's even over, I know they never found... well. Maybe we should just be grateful for the time we have, after all, this is what passes for a quiet month so far.

Who knows how long that will last.

With everything that went on last month I'm afraid I've gotten rather behind on trying to recruit for our next play... But I suppose there's no time like the present to pick up where we left off. For anyone who hadn't heard about it, or who wasn't here last time I spoke about it-- We'll be putting on a production of Oscar Wilde's

The Importance of Being Earnest.

Right now, we haven't quite sorted out the roles but we have Rosella, Cain, and myself; and I believe Justin was going to help out as crew. But! As you can see, that means we're still in need of more, both on stage and backstage. Anyone's welcome who'd like to take part-- whether you've ever been in a play or not, we're happy to have you, so just... let me know!

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Neil Perry
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Well, I missed the last one, I hope that will do.

Anyway. More importantly! Thanks to Rosella's tireless efforts in coaxing the Library to cooperate, we've got our next play decided upon:

The Importance of Being Earnest, by Oscar Wilde

If anyone's interested in joining the cast-- anyone from before or anyone new, first-time actors are always welcome!-- please let me know, and try to get a hold of a copy of the book. We've got a couple in the shop and there are likely more in the Library. It isn't very long at all and I think you'll enjoy it. Once I've got a better idea of how many people we have to work with we can set a time for auditions and rehearsals and all of that, and figure out when to schedule the performance for-- but it's much smaller than Midsummer so, I can't imagine we'll need more than a month or two. Probably.

And well, that's all I have to write about for now. I hope you'll join us; or at least, that you'll come and see it when we perform!

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