Neil Perry

[No preamble, just a deep breath, and then...]

Cut for Length, Language, and Gratuitous Borrowing of Poetry || not-IC cut )

[There's another moment's pause, as though he's going to say something else, before Neil thinks the better of it and cuts off the recording with a click.]
Neil Perry
[The snowy expanse stretches as far as you can see, which really isn't very far at all. Fat flakes are falling heavily, reducing anything more than a few feet away to an indistinct gray mist. A dark bulk looms in one direction; a house, perhaps. It has the air of Wordsworth's peak, silent but purposeful, rising from the earth to trouble men's dreams.

Nearer, there is a tree, and in the lower branches of the tree Neil is perched. He's bare to the waist and crowned with branches and blood-bright berries. He doesn't seem bothered by the cold in the least, paging through a heavy old book. The cover's too worn to read; the pages out of focus or blank if you look over his shoulder, but that doesn't bother him either. He doesn't know he's dreaming; at least, not yet.]

[ooc; neil's inner symbolism is a little muddled these days, this could go either way as a good or a bad dream. separate threads considered separate incidents with different people, unless otherwise arranged <3 No continuity expected and OPEN to ALL comers <3]
Neil Perry
[Accidental Voice Post]

N-no, it's not fair... You can't be here, too. you can't. How did you--

[A chair clatters to the floor as Neil backs up into it; he grunts a little as he trips over it, keeps going. Obviously whoever he's talking to, he doesn't want to be anywhere near them. He pauses for a moment; but no other voice is audible.]

I'm not going to-- don't come any closer-- I won't drop out. I don't want to, and they need me, and you haven't done anything for me and how could you even say that, after what happened? This is all I've ever wanted to do, why won't you understand...

[His voice drops nearly to a whisper, but he sounds much bolder, much more sure of himself.]

You can't make me give it up. I won't. My friends here won't let you-- you can't make me do anything!

I won't!!

[ooc; guess who was in Neil's living room this morning. ;____; as long as he gets the gist of this being a curse he'll be fine to perform later. if a little freaked out. SO PERFECT BRB WEEPING WITH JOY]