Neil Perry

[The device catches the tail end of a conversation-- one which wouldn't seem out of place, if certain doctors weren't indisposed.]

--sides, we always see an increase in admissions on these weekends.

[Whatever is said in answer isn't audible. Dr. Perry sighs softly.]

Just keep him stable until midnight, what else can we do?


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Neil Perry
[Anonymous Voice Post is Anonymous!]

[There's a pause before he begins speaking in a stage whisper theoretically designed to disguise his voice. If you know him (or his brother, for that matter,) it might be obvious; but really, it's for effect. Don't stifle his flair for the dramatic okay.]

I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life. To put to rout all that was not life, and not, when I had come to die, discover that I had not lived.

We of the Dead Poets believe that, although our academic pursuits are a matter of great importance, such work is not what we live for; poetry, passion, the appreciation of beauty, are what keep us from being bound to lives of quiet desperation.

So tell me, gentlemen, ladies-- can you keep a secret?

[In addition, one might find here and there random bits of poetry-- mostly of the Romantic era-- chalked unobtrusively on walls and sidewalks, occasionally 'signed' with the initials DPS, or the words Dead Poets Society.

Any student of any school who expresses interest in this post-- anyone he can identify, anyway-- will be slipped a piece of paper at some point with a few lines of Coleridge and a time tomorrow evening written on it.]

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Neil Perry
This is kind of a nice surprise to wake up to! I certainly wasn't expecting it-- I mean I've never expected it, but the last few times this happened it fell on a holiday, didn't it? I'm glad, though; even if it gets a little strange I like having a chance to see the friends I've made from outside the City. You know, if I had warning I would schedule a play for one of these... influxes, so you could come see. Oh well.

And, oh, Claire-- I keep meaning to call, and forgetting, but thank you!

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Neil Perry
I think this is a pretty nice curse; I've seen some pictures I recognize, and some with people I recognize, and I guess as long as there's nothing too bad out there you might as well enjoy it. I mean, with how long some people have been here-- and since some people can't leave-- it's nice to have that reminder I think.

I am a little confused by this one, though.

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That's not me-- I mean, I know that sometimes there are a lot of people here who look like me, but that almost seems like it could have been. In a play or something I mean.


Anyway I hope everyone is enjoying this as much as they can... I'm trying to keep track of ones with people I know, in case they'd like to keep them. If anyone finds pictures of mine-- if you can tell-- I would like to see them.

[Private to Billy;]

I'm pretty sure this is yours-- I wasn't sure you'd want it anywhere where everyone could see, so. Yeah.

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Neil Perry
This seems to be an okay month after all, at least for me. So far. The Paris thing was kind of strange, but I liked it a lot, even if I didn't really get much done. Reading poetry in some cozy little café is a nice way to spend a weekend. I was me, even if I wasn't quite myself. That happened before and I didn't like it, but this time I don't think I really mind.

And then there's this! Which I like, even if it's confusing sometimes. Welcome to the City, new people! Is this what the deities decided to do for Valentine's Day? I like it a lot better than some of the other ideas people came up with...

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Neil Perry
There aren't going to be eight of me this time, are there?

Hello everyone, happy Halloween!

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Neil Perry
Is anyone else cursed today? Last time... I feel like there were more people talking about it. Maybe it's just too early...

Saturday was really crazy, wasn't it? I'm used to the idea that there are people out there who look like me, but... I didn't expect there to be so many. I enjoyed it though, mostly. Though I can see why some of you don't like it; after a while it must get very trying. I wonder where all of them come from, how they know so much about us...

I guess I should enjoy this while I can. What's everyone doing today?

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Neil Perry
People have told me that this kind of thing happens sometimes, though this is the first time I've been here for it. It seems like a lot of the people who live here are annoyed by it, but, I don't know-- it seems kind of exciting! Confusing, maybe, but exciting.

So, hello new people! Welcome to the City, even if it's only for a little while!

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Neil Perry
Okay, I have to admit, this isn't really as surprising for me as it must be for most people. But it's still really strange.

Honestly, I look pretty much the same.

Um. Todd's cursed the same way I am, but not everyone seems to be a different age? But I still think they're cursed... Anyone know what's going on?

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