Neil Perry
That curse, did it really mean--

Does that mean I'm oh god I can't even say that I can't think that maybe--

I hope no one puts that idea into his head, I don't want him to think-- to be angry at me and.

oh god.

Things here are never quite what I expect them to be. Which I usually like, but those things yesterday were creepy. I managed to keep away from them, mostly, and shooed a couple of them out when they slipped through the open door, so I didn't lose any teeth. Still, I'm kind of bothered by the thought of those things crawling under pillows... I mean, it's just your parents who do that when you're little, really, but I can't help imagining it.

I haven't really written anything here since that one ridiculous curse. I think I've apologized to everyone I spoke to, but, just in case, all of that was nonsense and I wasn't raised by spiders. Obviously. And to the best of my knowledge Todd has never been an astronaut.

[ooc; 'And pour the waters of--'... Strikes are not written he is just panicking. <3]
Neil Perry
It's been a while since I wrote anything here, probably because I was kidnapped by pirates and they cut off my little finger to keep me from typing up a 'help' message. It's not so bad. You get used to it after a while. I mean, I'm used to feeling a little underequipped because I only have two arms and two legs, but I was raised by tarantulas, so my brothers and sisters always got around a lot better than I did.

One thing you don't get to do, being raised by tarantulas, is travel a lot... And in that department pirates definitely know how to do things. I think if they'd explained the situation to me-- that in exchange for my swabbing the deck and cooking and doing other chores, they'd take me around to see the whole world-- I probably would have gone along with them willingly. Really, there was no reason to raze the town and put Mr. Nolan in irons.

Anyway, I hope you're all doing well, in spite of things. It looks like some people are cursed, which really isn't surprising. I'm glad when I found the fountain of youth, that it took away my ability to be cursed, that's really made life a lot easier since. Take that, Ponce de León.

[EDIT; tarantulas. srsly.]