Neil Perry

[One might note that Neil's voice is a bit deeper than usual today.]

So, I've been thinking-- we could still manage to do a second play this summer, but maybe we'd be better off pushing off the date and just getting started early on an autumn show. I don't know, I could go either way... Partly it's just that I still have no idea what to do less, except.

I was thinking. I think we talked about it at some point, didn't we..? I can't recall...

What about Macbeth, for Halloween? Yuuko, I hope you'll forgive me for the suggestion.

[He laughs a little, and the recording ends.]

[ooc; Road Not Taken. Instead of shooting hisself in the faec, he and Todd ran away from school and moved to New York to pursue their artsy pursuits. Remembers the City with some minor differences; has no idea he's cursed. also, because bandwagons are cool, and because i'm too damn lazy to delete/reupload a set of pics, the part of old!Neil will be played by [ profile] to_live_deep ♥]
Neil Perry
Is anyone else cursed today? Last time... I feel like there were more people talking about it. Maybe it's just too early...

Saturday was really crazy, wasn't it? I'm used to the idea that there are people out there who look like me, but... I didn't expect there to be so many. I enjoyed it though, mostly. Though I can see why some of you don't like it; after a while it must get very trying. I wonder where all of them come from, how they know so much about us...

I guess I should enjoy this while I can. What's everyone doing today?

[ooc; per Todd's deal, Neil is alive~ and. Todd is not. but Neil doesn't know that yet ;__; also if you want to squirt him feel free ffff <3]