Neil Perry
I think I'm getting sick.

I woke up just feeling-- I don't know, lethargic, and I'm not hungry... I think I need to stay in bed a while.

Billy? Can you cover the store for... I hope, just a couple of days? I don't want to give anyone else my cold...

[ooc; oh, yes, Neil is sick... with vampirism. He won't go all explode-in-sunlight but he's a bit more sensitive to light, a lot paler, and totally not interested in solid food. He'll figure it out in a couple of days... >3]
Neil Perry
There aren't going to be eight of me this time, are there?

Hello everyone, happy Halloween!

[ooc; no other Neils plx, and I'd prefer if you didn't tell him he doesn't exist. otherwise traumatize at will my darlings!]

[EDIT: out for a paaarty, troll boldly in my absence & I will get back to you <3]