Neil Perry
Whatever this curse is-- people are saying dreams, but I'm not sure that I'd call it a dream-- it's... strange. It seems so real; and I know that in dreams, at least, dreams always seem real, no matter how ridiculous they are, but it's something different.

I dreamed-- I think-- let's call it a vision. It's hard to remember now, it was all so confused at the time and I don't think I understand any of it. But then, I was flying. That part I remember... But... something went wrong.

It felt real, real enough... I was screaming, I must have been screaming, I thought I was hurt, I was halfway out the door to the hospital when I realized I was fine.

I guess... be careful, is what I wanted to say. It would be easy to get caught up in whatever this is.

It still hurts, almost.

[ooc; Neil is experiencing the loss of [ profile] greding's ear~]
Neil Perry
I think I'm getting sick.

I woke up just feeling-- I don't know, lethargic, and I'm not hungry... I think I need to stay in bed a while.

Billy? Can you cover the store for... I hope, just a couple of days? I don't want to give anyone else my cold...

[ooc; oh, yes, Neil is sick... with vampirism. He won't go all explode-in-sunlight but he's a bit more sensitive to light, a lot paler, and totally not interested in solid food. He'll figure it out in a couple of days... >3]
Neil Perry

[After a long pause, sounding rather tired...]

...We'll have to recast Lady Bracknell.


[ooc; sad neil is sad ;_;]
Neil Perry
I don't know what's coming, or really what to expect, but I think everyone's right in what they've said-- that it's better to try and be prepared, even if you end up not needing to be, than not.

So, for the next few days at least all rehearsals we've scheduled are canceled-- if you still want to meet to work on lines, that's fine, but I don't want people having to make the choice between that and getting ready for the storm, whatever that might be.


Well, good luck I suppose.

[ooc; a side note AFAIK we don't have a player character for Merriman, yet, so feel free to hit up the play post or me on AIM or something if you're interested ;D otherwise I'm going to assume it's NPC'd <3 Will try not to be too sporadic on tags, sobbb.]
Neil Perry
31 March 2010 @ 11:10 pm
I guess killing sheep for their blood isn't all that different from killing sheep, or cows, or anything else to eat them; but somehow it seems like a bigger deal. Maybe because most people don't have to do it themselves to get meat, and it's one of those things where not thinking about it makes it easier to go on with your life.

I couldn't do it, I'm glad that some people are able to. For my own sake and for everyone else who can't. Or wouldn't.

Anyway, I'm not exactly sure what we're supposed to be protecting ourselves from, but if it really works I guess it's worth while. An only child counts as first born, after all. But that sounds selfish, putting it that way.

I'll be glad when this is over.