Neil Perry
25 November 2012 @ 04:56 pm
I think I'm just glad that it's only the furniture that's edible; it's pretty harmless, though everything is kind of sticky. And fragile. I broke a leg off a chair-- not to eat it, I slipped on some icing on the floor and tried to catch myself on it. Though, since it's already broken...

Anyway. I can't believe we're past Thanksgiving already! I didn't say anything on Thursday, but well, I'm still thankful for everything I have here. I've been here for... gosh, three and a half years now, I think, and I still think it's worth it. So I'm thankful for that too.

And I'm really glad, still, to have the opportunity to do the things I want to, here. Which brings up a question for you, City:

What should our next play be?

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Neil Perry
I was going to ask this yesterday, but I thought I'd better wait until people were back to normal-- not that I'd have minded dealing with bears and cats and whatever else, it just seemed too complicated, making arrangements mid-curse.

I work at-- I should say, I run, a small used book-store. Billy used to run it with me, but since he went home it's just been me and Todd. It's always been a bit much with just two of us, but now-- well, it seems like the perfect time to look for some help.

So, if anyone's looking for a job, and would be interested-- Bilton and Scaggs is hiring.

I've been thinking, too... as if the store's not enough... I know we've never had trouble finding a place to rehearse or hold performances, but maybe we could start a proper theater for the City Players? I mean, not just somewhere to hold the plays, but a space for storing all the props and costumes and set pieces, too.

What do you think? Is it worth putting it together?

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Neil Perry

[The image is posted on the Network without comment, but it may not be unfamiliar to some. For the past week or so, posters like the following have been popping up here and there; big stacks of flyers on the counters of obliging cafes and shops, and a positively enormous banner hung in the window of the Bilton & Scaggs bookstore.]

Non-IC cut for large [BUT AWESOMETASTIC!!!] image )
Neil Perry
Yes, I will be filming your final scenes and monologues. It's for grading purposes. No, I am not going to put them up on the Network. No, we don't watch them at the staff party. Yes, I will give you five minutes to fix your makeup, if you must.

I won't tell you not to be nervous, because I have enough confidence in your talents to make up for any courage you might lack. It would be bad luck to wish you good luck, so I'll simply say, break a leg.

[ooc; Neil, aged up, is a drama teacher Westerberg High School; I never made it to the plotting meme but feel free to be students / colleagues / etc! Replies coming from [personal profile] to_live_deep. Pretend this was a bit earlier~ backdating is welcome and likely <33]

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Neil Perry
Well, I'm sure by this point everyone who's not involved is tired of hearing about it-- but, I wanted to make sure everyone knows we'll be starting rehearsals properly next week. If possible-- that is, if the people who live there don't mind-- I'd like to hold them in the Opera House, but if that doesn't work... Well, we'll figure something out. It's always tricky to get everyone together at once, especially the first couple of times.

Right now I'd like to aim to have the show in May, but I think it'd be best to see how well we work together, and whether there's anything we haven't counted on.

Maybe next month, when we're a little more used to it, I'll have time to talk about anything else.

supertl;dr about the play for participants and interested parties! )

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Neil Perry
06 March 2012 @ 11:09 pm
It's been about a week now, since the City came back together... and it really does seem like things are back to normal. I was afraid the bookstore would be ruined-- that the shelves might have cracked when they were all made of glass-- but it doesn't look like there was much damage.

I'm hoping that things will stay normal-- normal for the City, I mean-- for a while, so we can get back on track with the play! With everything falling apart and turning to sand, and then... well, of course we didn't get very far.

So, I'm happy to say we'll be holding another set of auditions for Like Clockwork this Friday-- anyone who couldn't make it the first time, please, come join us now! We still have plenty of roles to fill, and for anyone who's nervous about being on-stage, there's a lot to do behind the scenes, too!

We'll see you there.

[ooc; info post on the play is here, and the previous IC post about it is here~ We still need 2 male leads and 2 female leads. Tags when I get home, mostly. <3 TL;DR post coming this evening with more logistics!]

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Neil Perry
There was sand spilling onto the living room carpet this morning-- I thought, at first, that the bottle of sand on my bookcase must have broken but it wasn't. I guess, since other people are having the same problem it must be a curse. I'm glad-- not that people have sand everywhere, I mean, just that it isn't anything but a curse.

So, as I mentioned over the weekend-- though, unfortunately, I think most of the volunteers we had then haven't stayed-- we're finally ready to begin casting for the next play! It's called Like Clockwork-- Though I am supposed to tell you that's a working title, it might change if we can think of something better.

If you're interested in being involved-- as cast or backstage crew-- please let me know! We'll hold the first set of auditions this week, and once all the roles are filled, we'll start scheduling rehearsals. It doesn't matter if you've had experience before, or if this will be your first play-- everyone's welcome to join us!

Just let me know! And if you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them.

[ooc; as always I want to get as many people as possible involved, so please feel free to throw everyone at this! Like Clockwork is a play written by our very own Todd-mun, which means the cast size is very flexible~ we do have at least three female characters and two male characters in need of casting, buuuut should be able to accommodate any number of people beyond that! ^_^

Will eventually make OOC posts for organization! a-also please pretend this was earlier scream]

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Neil Perry
31 January 2012 @ 06:29 pm
Like Clockwork
by Todd Anderson


Notes )

Plot Description )
Neil Perry
Before you ask, as someone always does: I would have announced auditions this weekend, for the play, but I think under the circumstances it might be better to hold off until things are back to normal. I love when everyone comes to visit, but it does make it difficult to get work done! And I don't know that the announcement would be as widely noticed today.

Besides, I'm not sure I could concentrate; I'd much rather just visit with everyone.

Welcome to the City, if you haven't been here before-- and if you have, welcome back!

[ooc: Please no other Neils (tho face doubles are fiiiiine) and don't outright tell him he doesn't exist. Otherwise, s'all good. ALSO this post is as always eternally backdating friendly! This is Neil's faaaavorite so do come play 8)]

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Neil Perry
03 November 2010 @ 08:29 am
Well... it looks like today's clear, so... Let's do the dress-rehearsal tonight, everyone? If that's all right... I know it's a little sudden, but with the curses...

And, as long as there isn't a curse... The performance of The Importance of Being Earnest will be this Friday, at seven p.m.!

Dress Rehearsal Action Log )

[ooc tl;dr sorry ;_; )
Neil Perry

[After a long pause, sounding rather tired...]

...We'll have to recast Lady Bracknell.


[ooc; sad neil is sad ;_;]
Neil Perry
I don't know what's coming, or really what to expect, but I think everyone's right in what they've said-- that it's better to try and be prepared, even if you end up not needing to be, than not.

So, for the next few days at least all rehearsals we've scheduled are canceled-- if you still want to meet to work on lines, that's fine, but I don't want people having to make the choice between that and getting ready for the storm, whatever that might be.


Well, good luck I suppose.

[ooc; a side note AFAIK we don't have a player character for Merriman, yet, so feel free to hit up the play post or me on AIM or something if you're interested ;D otherwise I'm going to assume it's NPC'd <3 Will try not to be too sporadic on tags, sobbb.]
Neil Perry
Curses like the long one last month are always interesting-- like playing a role written just for me, being someone I'm not but who I might have been. I didn't really mind this one-- I know sometimes those get bad, for some people, but well, school is just school, how bad can it be?

It was strange, though; imagining things were so different than they are. What life would be like if I'd had a twin brother, if I'd been at a different school, if... well. Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about is what I did, because everyone knows what happens during curses isn't always real, this is important to me and I think I'd rather give up the secret than have people think it didn't mean anything. Sometimes secrets are meant to be shared.

There is a Dead Poets Society.

I almost wrote there was, but really I think because of the nature of the Society, it can't really cease to exist. Not all the Dead Poets are dead, but the poets who are dead are still Dead Poets. Here, especially; I mean, there's no reason to think Henry David Thoreau couldn't walk into the bookstore tomorrow afternoon. So even if there weren't any meetings after... everything happened, at home, there'd still be a Society; and maybe someday someone will share the secret again like Mr. Keating did with us. And even if they don't, even if no one ever talks about it again... it's just a name and a structure to something that's always been there. There will always be Poets, because the human race will always be filled with passion. And so, there will be members, even if they don't know the words for it.

I'm not sure this makes any sense, to anyone who wasn't there. But I wanted to say it.

Some of you are Dead Poets, and some of you don't know that you are. But I hope you're all making the most of it, whoever you might be.


I need one more actor from you, City! Our cast for The Importance of Being Earnest is just one person short of being full-- but right now, we've no one playing Merriman. So, if there's anyone who'd like to try their hand at acting, we'd love to have you. Even if you've never been in a play before! We're happy to have newcomers.

And... Everyone else in the play-- we'll have to start full rehearsals soon, what days work best for you? I do hope you've started working on your lines?

[ooc; play post here! also, as always, please no fourth-walling the Society. XD responses may be late after 5 east-coast time.]
Neil Perry

John Worthing, J.P.
        ☞ Neil Perry
Algernon Moncrieff
        ☞ Cain Hargreaves
Rev. Canon Chasuble, D.D.
        ☞ Alester Siddons
Merriman, Butler

Lane, Manservant
        ☞ Justin Pendleton
Lady Bracknell

Hon. Gwendolen Fairfax
        ☞ Rosella
Cecily Cardew
        ☞ Jo Harvelle
Miss Prism, Governess
        ☞ Euphemia li Britannia


        ☞ Xander Harris
        ☞ Cinna
        ☞ Billy Kaplan
        ☞ Anthony Rutherford


The Importance of Being Earnest - Script
Neil Perry
[Slipped between the pages of Todd's current poetry notebook]

I almost wonder if it's too soon, after everything last month... if that's even over, I know they never found... well. Maybe we should just be grateful for the time we have, after all, this is what passes for a quiet month so far.

Who knows how long that will last.

With everything that went on last month I'm afraid I've gotten rather behind on trying to recruit for our next play... But I suppose there's no time like the present to pick up where we left off. For anyone who hadn't heard about it, or who wasn't here last time I spoke about it-- We'll be putting on a production of Oscar Wilde's

The Importance of Being Earnest.

Right now, we haven't quite sorted out the roles but we have Rosella, Cain, and myself; and I believe Justin was going to help out as crew. But! As you can see, that means we're still in need of more, both on stage and backstage. Anyone's welcome who'd like to take part-- whether you've ever been in a play or not, we're happy to have you, so just... let me know!

[ooc; may be a bit sporadic tagging but I will do my best <3]
Neil Perry
On Growth )

Well, I missed the last one, I hope that will do.

Anyway. More importantly! Thanks to Rosella's tireless efforts in coaxing the Library to cooperate, we've got our next play decided upon:

The Importance of Being Earnest, by Oscar Wilde

If anyone's interested in joining the cast-- anyone from before or anyone new, first-time actors are always welcome!-- please let me know, and try to get a hold of a copy of the book. We've got a couple in the shop and there are likely more in the Library. It isn't very long at all and I think you'll enjoy it. Once I've got a better idea of how many people we have to work with we can set a time for auditions and rehearsals and all of that, and figure out when to schedule the performance for-- but it's much smaller than Midsummer so, I can't imagine we'll need more than a month or two. Probably.

And well, that's all I have to write about for now. I hope you'll join us; or at least, that you'll come and see it when we perform!

[ooc; sjfds will make an OOC organization post for the play eventually <3 link is just there for your reference.]
Neil Perry
06 February 2010 @ 11:51 pm
Today is like any other day; free of rehearsals for the moment, Monsieur Perry is seated at a small café, lingering over a cup of black coffee and a cigarette. He's reading, but doesn't seem particularly entranced. He sets his book aside from time to time when someone greets him; an old friend, a new acquaintance, a fan of the theatre who recognizes him from last week's performance. Each gets a bright and charming smile, a few words in passing before they part ways, leaving him to his literary pursuits.

|[ooc; fml please pretend this is earlier? always backdating friendly. His story (and Todd's) is about the same as ever, except with more running-off-to-Paris-to-be-free and less dying. OPEN TO ALL. Feel free to recognize/know him, i am easy. <333]|
Neil Perry

I guess it's nice having all these fresh flowers around. [Muttered, kind of an aside, as though he is turning away from the mic to say this for someone else's benefit. Such as his roommate's, perhaps. Just a thought. The mischievous tone might be a hint here.] Though I bet someone else will eat all the chocolate.

[The faint thud is definitely not said roommate flinging a pillow at Neil, are you crazy?]

Aanyway. [A little singsong, still laughing a bit.] I haven't said anything on this in a while. Um. I got a job, at a bookstore. I've never done that before, but i think I like it-- there's time to read between customers, which is nice, even if a lot of what they carry is a little weird.

Annnd if you hadn't heard, Lorne is putting on a musical! Chicago. Our dates are at the end of February. So, I hope everyone will come!


[Clearly the last is a distracted response to something going on nearer to him. What it is, we can only guess, but the feed cuts off suddenly because Neil has a pillow volley to return.]

[ooc; WILL REPLY AS CONSISTENTLY AS POSSIBLE BUT. yeeeah. feel free to take credit for leaving him lovetokens if you so desire. <3]
Neil Perry
14 October 2009 @ 03:50 pm
What a relief that the bear's caught. Still, I can't help but wish... I guess it doesn't make a difference. It would have been such a nice solution, though. Congratulations, to whoever caught it. No more interruptions for anyone. Unless, of course, you're inclined to interrupt people (like, say, your roommate) anyway, just to be annoying.

Not that I am thinking of anyone in particular.

Just an example.


I know it's been a while since I said anything about it, but I think we're finally ready to start with the next play-- it's going to be a much smaller production than last time, but we should be able to make enough room for everyone who wants to be a part of it. I'm thinking early November? I'd hoped for it to be around Halloween, but maybe setting something on a holiday isn't the best move, anyway.

I know Cain, Yuuko, and of course Rosella were interested... And Claire, I think? And Robin, but... And Todd doesn't have a choice.

Who else?

tl;dr about the play! )
Neil Perry
O wild West Wind, thou breath of Autumn's being,
Thou, from whose unseen presence the leaves dead
Are driven, like ghosts from an enchanter fleeing,

Yellow, and black, and pale, and hectic red,
Pestilence-stricken multitudes: O thou,
Who chariotest to their dark wintry bed

The wingèd seeds, where they lie cold and low,
Each like a corpse within its grave, until
Thine azure sister of the Spring shall blow

Her clarion o'er the dreaming earth, and fill
(Driving sweet buds like flocks to feed in air)
With living hues and odors plain and hill:

Wild Spirit, which art moving everywhere;
Destroyer and preserver; hear, oh, hear!

That's Shelley's, not mine. There's more but I didn't want to write all of it. It seemed kind of fitting; I guess because summer's really gone now, and it's nearly October and the way everyone talks about that makes it seem kind of frightening. Ghosts and graves. It makes sense in a way, since Halloween is coming, too. I'm excited about it even if it's dangerous. But maybe we'll be lucky, and it won't be too bad. The poem is hopeful too; if only because winter won't last forever.

I don't really see the point of worrying when we can't know what's coming. I was talking to Claire about optimists and pessimists, and really I think I'd rather be neither-- I'd rather be happy as long as I can and take things as they come.

This all just reminds me that we need to get started on the mystery soon, if we plan to perform it end of next month... I really don't know where the time goes. Maybe it's just that I've been distracted. It's been weeks since I said anything on this, though I guess I've been talking to plenty of people even if I have nothing to say. I'm not a total hermit. I hope.
Neil Perry
I remember there was another day, when the sun didn't come up at all, but then the lights didn't work or anything. Not even little things, like candles; or flashlights with batteries. It was pretty creepy-- this time, at least the moon was out, and it was so bright... I know other people were having trouble, getting attacked even, but Todd and I don't have any pets, so we were all right.

I've been putting this off, not for any reason really but because I keep getting busy doing other things. Mostly for my actors from Midsummer, but of course anyone's welcome to join us-- who'd be interested in acting in a mystery play, sometime around Halloween? I mean, we'll be putting on a mystery, not that the play itself will... you know. We haven't got all the details figured out yet-- it was Rosella's idea, I should mention-- but we thought it might be easier if we had an idea of how many and who we'll be working with. Even if you've never acted before-- especially if you haven't, and you really want to try it.

I think that's everything... I feel like I never say anything here anymore, maybe I'm just too busy to do it. I don't think that's a bad thing, though. I like to stay busy.
Neil Perry

[One might note that Neil's voice is a bit deeper than usual today.]

So, I've been thinking-- we could still manage to do a second play this summer, but maybe we'd be better off pushing off the date and just getting started early on an autumn show. I don't know, I could go either way... Partly it's just that I still have no idea what to do less, except.

I was thinking. I think we talked about it at some point, didn't we..? I can't recall...

What about Macbeth, for Halloween? Yuuko, I hope you'll forgive me for the suggestion.

[He laughs a little, and the recording ends.]

[ooc; Road Not Taken. Instead of shooting hisself in the faec, he and Todd ran away from school and moved to New York to pursue their artsy pursuits. Remembers the City with some minor differences; has no idea he's cursed. also, because bandwagons are cool, and because i'm too damn lazy to delete/reupload a set of pics, the part of old!Neil will be played by [ profile] to_live_deep ♥]
Neil Perry
It was snowing at home, too, when we performed Midsummer. Though of course it was the middle of winter, then, so it wasn't a shock. It's kind of funny, though, that it happened again here. And my father, watching-- I guess it's fitting, somehow, even if I didn't like it.

I wanted to say, for everyone who helped make the play happen-- thank you. I can't tell you what it means to me, really. I know it was the first time for a lot of you, acting, and you performed brilliantly. You should all be proud of it! I am. Exceedingly. And poor Anne... please be okay, Anne...

I guess the only question is... what play do we do next?

[ooc; for everyone in the cast or otherwise involved in putting on the play, feel free to assume Neil chased you down to give you a couple of the green roses Robin gave him ;3]
Neil Perry
[Accidental Voice Post]

N-no, it's not fair... You can't be here, too. you can't. How did you--

[A chair clatters to the floor as Neil backs up into it; he grunts a little as he trips over it, keeps going. Obviously whoever he's talking to, he doesn't want to be anywhere near them. He pauses for a moment; but no other voice is audible.]

I'm not going to-- don't come any closer-- I won't drop out. I don't want to, and they need me, and you haven't done anything for me and how could you even say that, after what happened? This is all I've ever wanted to do, why won't you understand...

[His voice drops nearly to a whisper, but he sounds much bolder, much more sure of himself.]

You can't make me give it up. I won't. My friends here won't let you-- you can't make me do anything!

I won't!!

[ooc; guess who was in Neil's living room this morning. ;____; as long as he gets the gist of this being a curse he'll be fine to perform later. if a little freaked out. SO PERFECT BRB WEEPING WITH JOY]
Neil Perry
riverrun, she said. I don't know what it means, but I don't want to forget it. Maybe I ought to worry more about why, about what it means to be here-- what the cost might be-- but it's hard to care, knowing where I might be otherwise. What I might be... It's bad enough, being reminded by the stillness... but... I'll take that, over being a ghost.

Is being remembered really what makes the difference? I guess it's nice to know, in a sense... though in other ways it only makes things worse. No matter what anyone says I know I don't deserve to be here. But I am. So maybe I should just... try to forget, about what I deserve or don't, and try to make the most of this. A second chance, to get it right. Seize the day. I'm trying, really.

I wonder what they would ask of me, to buy my life back... and whether it would be wrong of me to do it.

I've been meaning to make this announcement a while, but between the curses and everything else... well, better late than never.

We're still looking for people for our production of A Midsummer Night's Dream in June, and need to fill the following roles;

THESEUS, Duke of Athens
EGEUS, Father to Hermia
PHILOSTRATE, Master of the Revels to Theseus
SNUG, a Joiner
FLUTE, a Bellows-mender
SNOUT, a Tinker
TITANIA, Queen of the Fairies

As well as, if we can get them, a few more fairies. Both with and without lines, though the fairies who do have speaking parts don't have much to memorize. Please let me know, as soon as you can, if you're interested! Even if you're not entirely certain. I'll talk you into it.

For everyone already in the play, what times would be good for you for rehearsals?

Other than that... I think I promised a few people I'd fence with them, but I lost track of who... Caspian, and Kate, and... was there anyone else?

I should update more often, or things pile up...

Also, do you think I could buy a typewriter, somewhere in the City..?

[ooc; strikes are unwritten, I just wanted to voice what's on his mind ;_; Play post here forever. also, striking out as people are wheedled into it, ahaha. <3]
Neil Perry
Impossible really doesn't have much meaning here, does it? Walking through other people's dreams was amazing. I understand why some people didn't enjoy it-- I mean, I guess it depends on whose dreams you see and what they're about-- but I guess I was lucky. All the dreams I stumbled into were pleasant ones. Yuuko, Rosella, thank you for showing me around your homes! I'm glad I had a chance to see them, even if it was just a dream.

Todd-- are you really going to  that was did you remember to write that poem down when you woke up? Or at least, do you remember how it goes? I was trying but I can't recall all of it. It'd be a shame to lose it, it was really good!

And speaking of which... I need your recommendations on something, City! Who's your favorite poet? What's your favorite poem? I'm partial to the Romantics myself, but I'm curious to see what other people like. And kind of curious about poetry after when I'm from... I guess I have a lot to catch up on! Anything, really-- whether you think I'd like it or not, I want to read it. Assuming the library lets me find it.

Oh, what else... Work on the play is going well, though we still need more actors, of course! We've three of the four lovers, but we're still looking for a Demetrius! And several others-- most of the Athenian actors, and more fairies, always. And if any of you would like a hand practicing your lines, let me know. Blair tells me we've got costumes taken care of, and our scenery (since the play will be outdoors,) so we should be in good shape. Once we fill out a few more roles, and once everyone feels they've got a handle on their parts (even if they're not memorized yet,) we can start thinking about working as a group!

[ooc; Theater organizizing post here still. Also...not plotting anything re: poetry. clearly. >_> also yes, he is serious, he will help you practice lines |D if anyone is lame like me we can log it if you like ♥♥]
Neil Perry

Everyone, Todd is my best friend from home-- we were roommates this year, at school-- and you should get to know him because he's great. He's just a little shy.

Uh, Morgana-- thank you for letting me stay with you, but since it's a little too crowded to bring more people in, Todd and I are going to get our own place. It's been great, though, really! and you're welcome to come visit any time you like. And that goes for everyone over there, too! It's been amazing getting to know everyone. Though not very much like the legends at all.

Since there doesn't seem to be a curse today-- how are things going in terms of the play? I know that a lot of you have been getting the word out, but I'm not sure I've met everyone yet who was going to volunteer for a part, and I don't want to end up making an awful mess of things and having three people studying the same part or anything. I've really never done anything like this, so it's a bit daunting, honestly. We probably don't have to worry about group rehearsals just yet, but I'd like to get to know you all a bit! And, well, it would help to have a better idea of what parts still need to be filled.

So! Todd, unless you're not interested, I signed us up for fencing lessons! You're coming, right? It'll be fun! Oh, and I told Rosella we'd help her practice her lines for Helena at some point. And I still haven't really shown you around, have I... Everything's been so exciting and we've been so busy...

Neil Perry
THESEUS, Duke of Athens
        ☞ Cain Hargreaves
EGEUS, Father to Hermia
LYSANDER, in love with Hermia
        ☞ Romeo
DEMETRIUS, in love with Hermia
        ☞ Todd Anderson
PHILOSTRATE, Master of the Revels to Theseus
QUINCE, a Carpenter
        ☞ Justin Pendleton
SNUG, a Joiner
BOTTOM, a Weaver
        ☞ Robin Goodfellow [possible magic assistance for costuming]
FLUTE, a Bellows-mender
SNOUT, a Tinker
HIPPOLYTA, Queen of the Amazons, betrothed to Theseus
        ☞ Nakajima Youko
HERMIA, Daughter to Egeus, in love with Lysander
        ☞ Juliet
HELENA, in love with Demetrius
        ☞ Rosella
OBERON, King of the Fairies
        ☞ Blue [costuming note; wishes to wear blue]
TITANIA, Queen of the Fairies
        ☞ Yuuko Ichihara
PUCK, or Robin Goodfellow
        ☞ Neil Perry
        ☞ Anne Shirley [II.i scene]
        ☞ Claire Bennet [pref. few/no lines]
        ☞ He Who Kills
        ☞ Lucy Pevensie
        ☞ the Tianzi
        ☞ Kara Kent


A Midsummer Night's Dream - Script

Party / Play Log
Neil Perry
Everyone's been warning me not to make up my mind before I get hit by a few curses, but, I think I love this place. Really. Everything about it is extraordinary! I do miss my friends, but... I wouldn't be with them anyway, even if I was at home, so I don't really have the right to complain about it.

Anyway, thank you all for being so welcoming and so helpful-- I've been having a really easy time settling in, because everyone's so generous. Miss Morgana is letting me stay with her for the moment. I'm told I don't have to get a job, but I think I might anyway, if there's anyone that would hire me... I don't know. At home I never had a choice about this kind of thing, so I'm not really sure what I want. Maybe-- there's a school here, isn't there?

Also, Claire Bennet makes an amazing apple pie.

And, oh! Miss Blair Waldorf has requested volunteers to put on a production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." As of now we've tentatively got a Puck, a fairy, and (maybe?) a Hermia, and I promised I'd try to spread the word and find more people to perform. It's okay if you've never acted before-- we have lots of time to rehearse, so don't be afraid to join up if you're interested! I can't wait, really. I love acting. There isn't any organized company of players here already, is there? I mean... I don't want to step on any toes, organizing things, if there is. Also, if there is, I'd like to join!

Hm, I think that's everything I had wanted to say...