Neil Perry
Floating isn't very much like flying. At least, not flying the way a bird flies, though it's very much the way I fly in my dreams. Like stepping up onto something that isn't there and not stopping. And seeing the room from above, laying on the ceiling, isn't much like looking down from the top of a desk. Even less like looking down by looking up, standing upside down.

I didn't much like that, but I think it's the experience that counts, looking at things from a new perspective. Not whether you prefer that perspective. As long as I was right-side up I enjoyed floating... the same way I enjoyed flying, when I was a bird... but I don't mind keeping my feet on the ground, overall.
Neil Perry

[With some scratching and fluttering the device is switched on to show... a bird! rather precariously perched on the edge of a desk.

He doesn't say anything, just spreads and flutters his wings before resettling and regaining his balance. He pauses there for a moment, chirps, and then leaps airward and heads for the open window.]

[ooc; Open for random action as he flies around, or i guess video responses later, but he can't talk much <333 so action's prolly more interesting. :D alsopleasepretendthiswasearlier <3]