Neil Perry
11 August 2013 @ 07:19 pm

[Really, how could any weekend of piracy be complete without a visit from the legendary Peg-Fist Jack and his vicious crew of miscreants?

He's set on the end of a pier, looking out into the sunset, a bottle of rum and a hefty pewter cup beside him. He's wearing a properly grandiose pirate hat, and a long-sleeved jacket which covers one hand.]

Ah, the sea... she weren't so crowded in my day.

[Neil-- that is, Jack, and the inexplicable (and thankfully temporary) peg-fist for which he's known-- will have been out and about all weekend, drinking and eating and whiling away his time in the bars down by the waterfront, or he'll have been found aboard his ship-- small, compared to some others, but fast and well-armed.

Fortunately, the crew is coming off a good season, and he's more inclined to seek entertainment than conflict. Feel free to hit him up at any point over the weekend, just about anywhere, if you are so inclined.]

[Community Post]
Neil Perry
It's been a while since I wrote anything here, probably because I was kidnapped by pirates and they cut off my little finger to keep me from typing up a 'help' message. It's not so bad. You get used to it after a while. I mean, I'm used to feeling a little underequipped because I only have two arms and two legs, but I was raised by tarantulas, so my brothers and sisters always got around a lot better than I did.

One thing you don't get to do, being raised by tarantulas, is travel a lot... And in that department pirates definitely know how to do things. I think if they'd explained the situation to me-- that in exchange for my swabbing the deck and cooking and doing other chores, they'd take me around to see the whole world-- I probably would have gone along with them willingly. Really, there was no reason to raze the town and put Mr. Nolan in irons.

Anyway, I hope you're all doing well, in spite of things. It looks like some people are cursed, which really isn't surprising. I'm glad when I found the fountain of youth, that it took away my ability to be cursed, that's really made life a lot easier since. Take that, Ponce de León.

[EDIT; tarantulas. srsly.]