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Neil Perry ([personal profile] had_not_lived) wrote2014-02-14 11:21 pm

♕ |[110]| But maybe you're thinking in bigger terms, one loss leading to all the others,


I have to admit this door... makes me nervous. I know, that's selfish of me, because there are a lot of people here who want to go home and they don't deserve to be stuck, but I love living in the City. If everyone goes... well, I just worry. There are people who don't have anywhere else to go.

[People like him, but he doesn't want to say so. It's probably obvious, anyway.]


[He tries to cheer his tone up a bit. It sounds a little forced, at first.]

I always like visitors, I'm glad you were able to come. Is there-- anyone here from home?

[He always kind of hopes. But he's happy to see anyone who wants to see him.]

[ooc; one final hurrah. please don't tell him he's not real; please no other neils. otherwise, go nuts, backdate until the end of days.]

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