had_not_lived: (☞ Push off and sitting well in order)
Neil Perry ([personal profile] had_not_lived) wrote2012-06-17 08:15 pm

♕ |[ 88 ]| What did I know, what did I know, of love's austere and lonely offices?


--did a better job of it, you know. If only for a couple of days.

[Quietly, Neil's talking to... well, it's probably obvious. He doesn't sound angry; just a bit sad. Weary. It's been a long day, already. Now he pauses, listening to something inaudible.]

Not so badly after all, apparently. I almost wish you would come, just to visit-- to see what I've managed here. I think some of it-- some of it-- you'd have to be proud of. You would. At least a little bit.

[Another long pause.]

Well, of course not. [A sigh.] I'm trying to read, all right? You aren't real. Go away.

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