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Neil Perry ([personal profile] had_not_lived) wrote2012-06-09 12:31 pm

♕ |[ 87 ]| Speak, father, speak to your little boy, or else I shall be lost.

I should know better than to try to schedule things on weekends-- any weekends, because even if I were able to keep track of these, there's usually something-- but it's nice to wake up and find, at least, that brunch is still on as planned.

I was just saying, the other week-- I can't remember who I was talking to-- how easy it is to fall out of touch and forget to just have normal days, when nothing's really normal here. Just see people, spend time with them, without the City's insanity getting in the way. Curses or not, I think that's my plan for the day.


[The tricky thing about being cursed, of course, is that more often than not you have no idea anything's off; which is why, after brunch with his ersatz "father" and "step-mother," Neil is casual and comfortable, wandering around town with a somewhat stricken-looking Todd, trying to catch the other young man's hand in his own.]

[ooc; so, Neil's family-cursed with [personal profile] dr_conscience; as such he's a little more well-adjusted, Wilson being a more supportive and accepting father, and a lot more modern. Hence, not realizing he's not public about his relationship. Much to Todd's chagrin :3 Feel free to action, expect misunderstandings and probably threadjackings by [personal profile] mumbled_truth! <3 ]

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