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♕ |[75]| Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too?


[Neil is in high spirits this afternoon as he braves the weather and the curses, heading in for his shift at the bookstore. His cheeks are flushed from cold even before the first time someone catches him under a wily sprig of waxy berries, and really, it's easy enough to laugh it off in the name of holiday cheer and common City shenanigans, so that's what he does.

Inside the bookstore, of course, there are all sorts of places for an enterprising plant to grow...]


you should skip work and come spend today in the store with me

[ooc; Plz pretend this was earlier. Feel free to hit him up anywhere, on his way there / back / in store, whatevs. I will be sloooow but I will tag back, I promise! <333]
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I don't even have work today
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because I slept late?

you realize you're asking me to walk through a city full of people who are going to kiss me
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[Chalk up the delay in his response to a "Wow, that's forward" reaction. But... well, they have been talking somewhat more openly about things, right?]

I got that part...

which is why I'm going to brave the cursed City
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[It's not terribly long before Todd arrives - just a bit longer than it would usually be, given that he had to stop for a few kisses along the way. But he arrives at the store, and he walks right up to the counter, glancing to see if there are any customers present at the moment.]

For the record, this seemed like less of a good idea as soon as I actually got outside.
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[Todd actually doesn't care about the window at the moment - it's entirely because of the curse, of course. Nothing would seem odd about any two people being spotted kissing today. So he gives the slightest little smirk as Neil leans in.]

I am here now.

[Todd will help you close that distance, Neil... and he does.]
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[Todd's banking on the hope that nobody's going to bother looking that closely; why take even a second glance at who's kissing who today, after all? So, leaning over the counter as far as he can - and with the hand Neil isn't holding daringly finding its way to the other boy's jawline - he's kissing back, almost as if nobody's watching. There's something exhilarating about doing this out in the open with the excuse of the curse to substitute their privacy, but he can't quite get past his all of his anxiety. There's just a lot of it.]
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[Enter one Mr. Orange, he's coming into the store because someone sent him on a run for a book, except no he's Christmas shopping but he'll never say so, just because.]


[A nod to that kid.] Where's uh...the gardening and plants stuff?

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[Demyx is wandering around, as he always is on these days. He spots Neil, though, and goes over to say hello.] Hey.

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How're you doing?